Volunteer in Thailand

Be a part of impactful conservation work.

Whether you’re breathing in the lush jungle mist while exploring the forests of the north, or coming up for a lung-full of fresh sea-scented air after diving off the southern coast, paradise is never far away in Thailand. Here you will have the chance to work and live in some of the most biodiverse habitats in the world – both above and below water. 


When you join a volunteer program in Thailand, you’ll get to explore its northern and southern regions surrounded by jungle-covered mountains, golden beaches, artfully detailed temples and experience a diversity of cultures. 

Contribute to elephant conservation initiatives in the mountains of Chiang Mai, conduct marine conservation research on the island of Phang Nga or assist with wildlife rehabilitation initiatives in lush rainforests. Working alongside our partners on the ground, you’ll gain hands-on experience in conservation and get to work on projects with sustainable long-term goals. Whether you’re passionate about marine biology, wildlife conservation or simply want to give back while travelling, GVI’s volunteer opportunities in Thailand provide an opportunity to make a difference and create unforgettable memories.

All of our volunteer programs in Thailand directly contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), specifically UN SDG 5: Life on Land and UN SDG 14: Life Below Water. Here we collaborate with local communities and organisations dedicated to the preservation of the region’s marine, coastal and island habitats and species. When you volunteer in Thailand, you can support the protection of the region’s threatened sea turtles, elephants rescued from the tourism industry, endangered gibbons, or join projects that support public health and education.

When you volunteer in Thailand you can choose from a variety of projects focused on: 

In Phang Nga we also offer a range of community-focused programs, including:

Our programs

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Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand
Under 18
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Gibbon Conservation Volunteering in Thailand
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Research Fellowship
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Sea Turtle Conservation Internship in Thailand
Coastal Conservation Internship in Thailand
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Elephant and Endangered Sea Turtle Coastal Conservation in Thailand
Plastic Pollution and Conservation In Thailand
Professional Apprenticeship
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Marine, Island and Coastal Conservation Exploration in Fiji and Thailand
Citizen science bird conservation in Thailand
Coral Reef Conservation in Thailand
Professional Apprenticeship
Coastal Conservation Apprenticeship in Thailand
Professional Apprenticeship
PADI Divemaster and Marine Conservation Apprenticeship in the Indian Ocean
Professional Apprenticeship
Elephant and Wildlife Conservation Apprenticeship in Thailand
Included in your program, at no extra cost

Make the most of our unique programs with these exclusively curated local adventure and wellness experiences.

Offered once a month, expand your adventure with GVI Experiences. These are just some of the activities offered on your program!
Learn traditional Karen cooking
Connect with the Karen people's culture
Forage for forest medicine with a village elder
Visit Thailand's highest peak
Explore Thailand's elegant and mysterious waterfalls
See amazing biodiversity on a night trek
Take a sunrise hike up Two Tree Hill
Sleep under the stars alongside Asian elephants
Types of programs

Volunteering programs in Thailand

Volunteer with elephants

On this program you’ll work with elephants in Thailand who have a complex history of working in the country’s tourism industry. Based in a local Karen cultural village, about an hour’s journey from Chiang Mai, you’ll assist GVI staff and local community members with reintegrating elephants into more natural settings. Alongside local mahouts, you will have the opportunity to volunteer with elephants in the area’s expansive forest grounds. To maintain the health and safety of these cognitively advanced land animals, elephants in Thailand’s Chiang Mai province receive health checks and live in secluded forest territories. 

The program consists of hiking expeditions where you’ll be recording elephant behavioural data, taking note of the elephants’ sensory reactions to their environment, food sources, and other elephants. There will also be opportunities to learn how to identify the biodiversity in the area. While on the program you will be living and working with local community members, giving you an opportunity to connect with them and learn about their culture.

We always adhere to the highest standards of ethical best practice in international sustainable development and our eleph