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GVI has been connecting thousands of change-makers with impactful sustainable development projects, in some of the most vulnerable regions all over the world, for over two decades. We offer an extensive range of sustainability programs through which people from all walks of life can volunteer, intern and study. Our programs are led by our partners who are local to the communities we’re based in, and focused on making a data-driven, sustainable impact. With GVI, you get access to real-life practical experience to kick-off or advance your career. We also offer immersive social development programs in communities and cultures all over the world.

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Latest News
24 November 2023
Coral rescue in Puerto Morelos

After an extensive coral bleaching event in the Caribbean, GVI’s team in Puerto Morelos, Mexico, returned to the coral nurseries to assess colony survival, remove deceased coral plugs, and prepare for the upcoming coral transplants.

30 July 2023
GVI launches 2-week internships

Exciting news! GVI now offers 2-week internships, providing a unique opportunity for students, graduates, and adventure-seekers to make a real impact. Choose from stunning locations like Thailand, Costa Rica or South Africa, and engage in hands-on projects that extend beyond the ordinary.

01 February 2023
GVI’s focus on 10 critical global issues

At GVI, we’ve identified 10 significant global issues impacting both people and the planet. Our focus is on taking action through conservation programs on plastic pollution, climate change, endangered species, biodiversity loss and sustainability. Simultaneously, our community initiatives target early childhood development, education, gender equality, health, and justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

18 September 2022
GVI introduces new focus areas

GVI is diving into new horizons with a fresh lineup of focus areas: citizen science, habitats, climate change, justice, equity, diversity, and gender equality. These strategic focuses align with global priorities, offering diverse initiatives from citizen science in Costa Rica to gender equality initiatives in Ghana.