The health and safety of all GVI participants is paramount. From selecting our projects and partner organisations and the pre-departure support we provide, to the day-to-day care of our participants in the field, our 200+ expert personnel put your health and safety first, and we have an impeccable track record.

We take health and safety more seriously. We run comprehensive risk assessments for each of our activities, in each of our locations, and are prepared for any eventuality, no matter how unlikely.

We have over 200 expertly trained staff members who live alongside the local communities in our locations year-round, and only work with leading organisations in their field. This means that we know the areas intimately, and have dedicated, experienced professionals available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Together, everyone works towards the success of the projects as well as the enjoyment and fulfilment of all volunteers

We keep in regular contact with relevant embassies and foreign offices, ensuring that we’re able to give you the most up-to-date information and travel advice regarding our locations. Field staff send regular information bulletins to HQ, so we’re always in the know with what’s happening on the ground.


  • Pre-departure advice documents concerning travel and safety issues
  • Airport pick-up and local orientation
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Support and knowledge from GVI’s field coordinators
  • A 24 hour emergency phone line.

PLEASE NOTE: GVI programs are not holidays! It must be understood that all programs by definition are going to have a risk factor, whether you are diving on a coral reef or spending an extended time in the Amazonian rainforest. All future participants should be aware of the risks involved and make an informed decision on participation. GVI sometimes operates in remote conditions and in some cases deals hands-on with wildlife. GVI endeavours to offer you the safest way to visit new places and experience amazing opportunities.

To request more information on GVI’s health and safety polices or to ask for more information on why GVI expeditions, projects and courses offer unparalleled support, services and in-the-field safety, please contact us.

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