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Volunteer In Tanzania

Gold and red, the African sun rises spectacularly over the crisp black horizon of the Serengeti plains. In the flat-topped acacia trees and gigantic, fat-trunked boabaos, black-masked weaver birds stir in their woven-grass nests and green lovebird parrots turn their little pink faces to the light, giant herds of dusty wildebeest, herds of elephant, and families of towering giraffe make their way to the resident watering hole, while lion prides stalk back to their shady afternoon sleeping spots.

These quintessentially Tanzanian scenes attract thousands of international visitors each year, especially during the months of January to March, the annual migration of innumerable wildebeest from Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater northward to Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park. These kinds of mindblowing safari experiences make Tanzania one of the top gap year destinations for students selecting their first ever trip to the African continent.

There is, however, another way to experience Tanzania, that gives visitors deeper insight into the country and allows them to assist in the preservation of the native ecosystems and the empowerment of local communities. A Tanzania volunteer experience allows international visitors to gain a more holistic understanding of the gorgeous natural landscapes and wildlife that call them home. Those volunteering abroad in Tanzania are also able to fully immerse themselves in the varied traditions, such as the more than 130 languages spoken within Tanzania borders, of the many cultural groups that calls this region home, including the famous Maasai Mara warriors.

Tanzania Volunteer Programs

Volunteer opportunities in Tanzania include volunteer programs in the town of Moshi near mighty Kilimanjaro and on Unguja, the main island of the tropical paradise archipelago of Zanzibar. Moshi is a town two hours from the diplomatic centre of Arusha, offering Tanzania volunteers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a more traditional way of life, than volunteer opportunities in cosmopolitan Arusha, Tanzanian. Moshi, is known internationally as the gateway to Kilimanjaro and volunteer work in Tanzania here includes women empowerment and teaching in Tanzania.

Other Tanzania volunteer programs, are located off the East Coast of the country, in the waters of the Indian Ocean. You can volunteer in Tanzania by volunteering in Zanzibar, as the islands are ruled, in part, by the government of mainland Tanzania. Here, on the main island of Unguja, in small fishing village Tanzania volunteers can teach English to local school children and volunteer ethically with dolphins while conducting marine conservation research and environmental education workshops.

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