Cap Ternay, Seychelles

Volunteer in Cap Ternay

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of this precious habitat while living the good life, island-style.

Welcome to Mahe – the largest of 115 dazzling islands in the Seychelles archipelago – where the turquoise waters and colourful coral reefs of the Indian Ocean are your playground. From our research station in Cap Ternay we run marine, wildlife and coastal conservation programs.  Spend your days diving or snorkelling alongside dolphins and schools of tropical fish, while contributing to the protection of the  island’s ecosystem.

Critical science

Critical science

You'll contribute to vital conservation research targeted at protecting the earth's most valuable ecosystems.
Ethical engagement

Ethical engagement

Using the UN's SDGs as a framework, we've made a commitment to positive, constructive and sustainable impact.
Beautiful adventures

Beautiful adventures

You'll spend your days exploring some of the world's most breathtaking, exhilarating and remote wildernesses.

Mahe volunteer projects


Painted in hues of green and blue, the beautiful Indian Ocean paradise of Mahe is also Seychelles’ largest island. Our Cap Ternay coastal and marine research station is conveniently located next to the spectacular Baie Ternay Marine Park.

Where conservation meets coastal magic

This picturesque spot is where participants contribute to marine, wildlife and coastal conservation programs. With immediate access to the beach, ocean and jungle, we  run various marine and island conservation programs. Our focus is on safeguarding biodiversity through habitat restoration and monitoring the health of coral reefs, seagrass, mangroves, and endangered wildlife and plant species.

Nature’s aquarium

This island is a marine wonderland! You’ll find all sorts of ocean creatures here, from colourful tropical fish like parrotfish to bigger ones like dorado. And don’t forget about the rays – there’s eagle, spotted, feathertail and stingray to check out in the nearby waters. Plus, you might get lucky and spot dolphins, hawksbill turtles, green turtles, reef sharks and even the majestic whale sharks. It’s a marine lover’s dream come true!

Earn your PADI diving certifications

You will be offered the opportunity to get your PADI Advanced and PADI Coral Reef Research Diver qualification. From beginners to advanced divers, our programs cater to all skill levels and offer a unique opportunity to gain valuable diving experience while contributing to ongoing conservation efforts. This will aid you while working on critical marine conservation projects. There will also be the chance to take part in plankton sampling and in-water turtle dives.

Explore the ocean while snorkelling

If you’d prefer sticking to the shallow waters, no problem! If diving isn’t your thing, we offer various snorkelling programs where you can experience the beauty of the ocean without the need for scuba training or deeper dives.

Sun, sand and adventure

Mahe boasts stretches of pristine palm-fringed beaches where you can take a languid afternoon to soak up the sun. If you prefer more exerting activities you can go for a hike in the Morne Seychellois National Park. It is also worthwhile to visit the country’s capital city, Victoria, and their local market which is bustling with people selling their wares. This is also a great place to buy trinkets and curios to bring back for your friends and family.

Adventure is calling. Chase that feeling!

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Make the most of our unique programs with these exclusively curated local adventure and wellness experiences.

Offered once a month, expand your adventure with GVI Experiences. These are just some of the activities offered on your program!
Learn to cook traditional Seychellois Creole dishes
Visit the Mission Ruins at Venn's Town
Paddleboard across the bay
Hike through lush forests and across rocky plateaus
Explore the ocean at night with a dive/snorkel
Discover rare and endemic species of plants
Swim at a secret beach
Go fishing with local fishers