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Wildlife Internships Abroad

Wildlife internships provide personal and professional development through hands-on field experience. GVI offers international wildlife conservation internships and wildlife conservation volunteer programs that amplify your access to careers in the industry.

Whether or not you desire a long-term career in wildlife conservation, our internships will equip you with practical, unique experiences that will positively impact your future employability.

GVI Interns work on a South African game reserve, researching big cats and mega-fauna; assist organizations to protect the endangered jaguar and turtles in Costa Rica; conduct biodiversity research on environmental sustainability in Thailand or the Seychelles; or, help manage elephants in their natural habitat with the local community in Thailand. Apart from these internships we now also have a range of programs specifically for students looking to travel and join a gap year volunteering program abroad to make a real difference in the world. Take a look this page to find out why you should intern abroad and what you can gain through this valuable experience. 

Join a GVI wildlife internship abroad and gain:

  • Access to a remote, research-based industry and network
  • Knowledge about conservation techniques on enclosed private game reserves
  • Practical field training on reserve management projects and community outreach initiatives
  • Comprehensive staff mentorship and internationally-recognized qualifications
  • Improved ability for animal-tracking, using bush skills and telemetry equipment
  • Experience with conducting biological assessment surveys
  • Real-world experience with conservation practices and surrounding wildlife
  • Enhanced interpersonal and leadership capacities through our Leadership Course
  • The potential for field employment following your internship

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