2 weeks, infinite impact

GVI Launches 2-week Internships

30 July 2023

GVI has launched something awesome: 2-week internships! Now you can jump into the action, make a real difference, and still have time to capture that post-adventure moment.


Here’s why our 2-week internships are a game-changer:

  • Brief but impactful: Get all the benefits of an internship in a short timeframe.
  • Value without breaking the bank: Enjoy top-notch experiences at a lower cost.
  • Easy on life and studies: Minimise disruptions by avoiding the need to use up leave days or disturb your routine for too long.


Whether you’re a student, a graduate looking for real-like work experience, or just someone who wants to shake things up fast, our 2-week internships are your ticket to a world of positive experiences. Pick a spot on the map – Thailand, Costa Rica, Madagascar, Mexico, South Africa – and get ready for hands-on projects that go beyond the ordinary.

Imagine helping sea turtles in Mexico, contributing to sustainable conservation projects in Costa Rica, or getting involved in wildlife research in South Africa. In just two weeks, you’ll do more than just visit places – you’ll leave a positive impact on communities and ecosystems.

But here’s the best part: we’re all about doing good the right way. Our internships aren’t just a short-term thing; they’re a commitment to responsible volunteering that truly makes a lasting difference.