Life Below Water

Goal 14: Life Below Water

The world’s oceans play an essential part in human survival – without water, life is impossible. Apart from providing us with drinking water, food, and rain, our oceans also serve as a platform for water transportation and trade. They help lessen the effects of global warming by absorbing about 30% of carbon dioxide.

Oceans also create employment by being the biggest source of protein on the planet and keeping fisheries in business. Unfortunately, more than 40% of our oceans are altered negatively by pollution and disturbances in the ecosystem.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UN SDG) 14: Life Below Water aims to reduce all marine pollution by 2025 and to conserve marine and coastal ecosystems by 2020. Management plans will be implemented to prevent over-fishing, and illegal fishing, and to rehabilitate marine life. Consequently, the aim is to conserve at least 10% of all marine areas by 2020.

Taking part in one of our marine conservation programs gives you the chance to take part in a sustainable program which aims to yield long-term results within conservation.

Get involved in conducting research, protecting endangered species, mapping habitats and educating local communities on how to look after their unique environments.

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