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What's the deal with GVI's Global Digital Open Days?

By Megan Colborne 2 weeks ago
What's the deal with GVI's Global Digital Open Days
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Want to start a meaningful career in conservation or community development but don’t know where to start? Well, what if we told you we’ve organised the perfect events just for you?

Following the success of our previous online GVI events, we’re back with two new Global Digital Open Days. 

Each of these events will have a different focus – conservation or community development and we’ll be joined by experts, staff and past volunteers to answer your questions and talk about each of their individual experiences with GVI.

Why join a GVI Global Digital Open Day?

GVI global open days are free and are a great way to learn more about how you can help make a positive impact with us. 


Well, why not? 

Not only are our open days fun and free, but they’re also a great way to learn more about what we stand for at GVI, and how you can help make a positive impact with us. 

During these open days, you’ll have the opportunity to find out more about the options we have on offer like:

  • ethical volunteer abroad programs 
  • virtual and in-person internships 
  • online experiences for career development.

So come and have a listen to presentations about joining the GVI family, and have a chat with our staff and ambassadors who’ll be more than happy to answer anything you might want to know. 

The Open Day is very informal. Seriously, you can even stay in bed dressed in your pyjamas. 

You can join the Zoom room any time you want, or stay for the whole day whatever your schedule allows for.

So, if we’ve got you thinking about attending either one or both of our two digital events, here’s everything you’ll need to know before the big days.

Global Digital Open Day: Conservation

Learn more about GVI, and what it’s really like to volunteer abroad or pursue a career in the conservation field during our Conservation Global Digital Open Day.


Keen on a career in conservation?

Learn more about GVI, and what it’s really like to volunteer abroad or pursue a career in the conservation field during our Conservation Global Digital Open Day.

  • Date: Saturday 31 October
  • Time: 16:00–17:00 (GMT) 
  • Where: Online via Zoom (a link will be sent to all those who sign up via email the night before the event) 
  • How: Sign up to attend via our website, and we’ll email you the event link. 

Our staff members and alumni will run the open day conducting presentations and sharing insider knowledge on all our different programs in wildlife, marine and environmental conservation. 

One of our speakers for the online conservation open day is Zoe Biggs. Zoe is the project manager for GVI Limpopo as well as the intern supervisor for GVI’s Wildlife Conservation Virtual Internship. Originally from central Queensland, Australia, Zoe came to South Africa in 2016 on a six-month internship with GVI, but ended up staying on as a permanent staff member. 

Our second speaker from the field, Jazzy Taberer, has been with GVI Seychelles for nearly two years. Jazzy is an avid diver and previously worked on another island in Seychelles. She has an undergraduate degree in geography and a master’s in climate change. She moved to Seychelles permanently in 2018 to pursue a career in terrestrial and marine conservation. Jazzy now works as the assistant program manager at our Seychelles base in Curieuse, and is also the marine internship supervisor for GVI Virtual Internships.

Jazzy and Zoe’s experiences make them the perfect people to ask any specific questions you have about conservation and career development. So don’t be shy and ask away in the Q&A sessions after their presentations!

Global Digital Open Day: Community

GVI's community development opportunities in Cambodia.


Passionate about a career in community development? 

Well, we’ve got you covered there too. 

Our second Global Digital Open Day will be focused on the community development opportunities we have available for you at GVI.

Here you’ll learn more about GVI, and receive information about community development and the global public health opportunities we’re involved in on our volunteer programs abroad, virtual internships and online programs. 

This open day will give you insight into what it’s like to pursue a career in the community development field.

  • Date: Sunday 1 November
  • Time: 16:00–19:00 (GMT) 
  • Where: Online via Zoom webinar (a link will be sent to all those who sign up via email the night before the event) 
  • How: Sign up to attend via our website and we will email you the event link. 


GVI's community development program in Laos.


Just like with the conservation-focused open day, staff members and alumni will run this event conducting presentations and sharing information about our different programs in community development and public health all around the world. 

Our speakers on this day include experienced field staff from Nepal, India, Cambodia and Thailand.

First up from the field is Cheryl Martin. Cheryl’s journey with GVI began way back in 2011. With a history of teaching, she joined GVI as an education volunteer in Cape Town, South Africa. Soon after this, Cheryl became a full-time staff member in Cape Town before she accepted the role of program manager for Pokhara, Nepal, and later became the regional director for Nepal and India.

Our next speaker is Vanessa Rees. Vanessa is originally from the UK and joined GVI in January 2017 after quitting her job to become an education volunteer in Kerala, India. Since this volunteering experience in India, she continued to work closely with GVI and went on to join the Phang Nga, Thailand family in March 2018 where she currently works as our program manager.

With so much knowledge between them, Vanessa and Cheryl cannot wait to share their experiences with you and answer any questions you may have during the Community Global Digital Open Day. 

Ready to spend some time with our staff? 

GVI staff speaking to participants about our global volunteer programs and opportunities.


You’ll be hearing from Nicole Watson – the director of institutional relations at GVI central support – during both of these online events. Nicole received her honours degree in development studies from the University of Cape Town, followed by a master’s in strategic management and planning at University College Dublin.  Nicole is passionate about social development, social entrepreneurship, and social innovation. As director of institutional relations she manages GVI’s university partnerships in North America and works closely with leading institutions of higher education to develop impactful programs.

Overseeing both of these events is our UK Outreach Manager, Brooklyn Norton. Brooklyn has been part of the GVI family for more than six years, and has a wealth of knowledge and insider information to share with you. She’s spent time volunteering and working on various different projects with GVI in locations like Seychelles, Cape Town, Nepal, Ghana and Thailand. Brooklyn now leads the UK outreach team offering support, and empowering and overseeing all of our UK-based ambassadors. She also organises events like the one you’re reading about, and more. 

And as if all of this insider information wasn’t enough we’ll also be offering a few specials for those of you who attend one (or both) of these Global Digital Open Days! 


Join a GVI global digital open day and learn how to make an impact on sea turtle conservation.


By attending an open day, you’ll be eligible for a reduced deposit of only £100 (if paid by midnight on Tuesday 3 November GMT) to secure your spot. You also qualify for £100 off your total program booking fee, and have the option to pay for your program in instalments leading up to your trip at no extra cost.

So whether this blog has inspired you, or you’re already signed up to one of our volunteer abroad or online programs this is your chance to hear about all your options in one place.

Come along and join us to hear about what the GVI experience involves, from people with firsthand experience and stories to prove it!

Let us know if you’re planning to attend by signing up for one of our online Global Digital Open Days. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. We can’t wait to e-meet you there.

Megan Colborne is a junior content writer for GVI, and an alum of the GVI Writing Academy. The Writing Academy is a skills-development program that pairs development editors with budding travel writers. Learn more about the program here.