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Volunteer Voice - Sports Day

By Alice McRoe 5 years ago
Categories Quepos

Last Friday, an unsuspecting group of volunteers headed to the beach for the 6th grade’s sports lesson. ‘Sports’, we thought, a friendly game of 5 a side, a spot of netball, maybe a game of tag if we want to push the boat out. How naïve we were…

After a quick game of ‘Duck, duck, goose’, a game of ‘Caballos’ was announced. Me, James, Jamie and Amelia all lined up on all fours and had kids from each team on our backs, we then had to race to the finish. This was obviously hilarious, yet there was a definite air of competition between the volunteers and the race has since been referred to as ‘The Costa Rican Grand National’. It was then that we realised that the entyre lesson had been planned around the idea that the volunteers were in actual fact, horses. The next game involved us running with kids on our back in a relay, and after 2 more games of the same nature, and a huge game of tag, we were all exhausted, yet laughing our heads off. The lesson finished with me getting chucked in the sea by two of my so called friends, and having to spend the rest of the day soaking wet and covered in sand. All in all, a great day had by everyone.