Costa Rica sea turtle conservation: why it’s important and how you can get involved

    Article by GVI


    Posted: December 14, 2022

    The beautiful country of Costa Rica is known for its lush rainforests, exotic wildlife, and stunning beaches. One of the most iconic and beloved creatures that call Costa Rica home is the sea turtle. 

    These incredible animals have been making their way to Costa Rica’s shores for centuries, and today, the country is committed to protecting and conserving these magnificent creatures.

    The role of the Costa Rican government

    As a result, Costa Rica has become a haven for sea turtle conservation. The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAET) is responsible for overseeing the protection of sea turtles in the country. MINAET works with several organisations and initiatives to protect sea turtles and their habitats, and tourists can even get involved in conservation efforts by visiting turtle nesting sites and participating in beach cleanups.

    The work of conservation organisations

    One of the most notable organisations dedicated to sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica is the Sea Turtle Conservancy. This nonprofit organisation works to protect sea turtles and their habitats through research, education, and advocacy. The Sea Turtle Conservancy has been working in Costa Rica for over 60 years and has made significant strides in protecting sea turtles and their habitats.

    Another organisation dedicated to sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica is the Costa Rican Sea Turtle Conservation Network (CRSTCN). This network brings together various organisations, individuals, and government agencies to work towards the common goal of protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica. The CRSTCN conducts research, monitors nesting sites, and engages in conservation efforts to protect sea turtles.

    In addition to the work of these organisations, the Costa Rican government is also committed to protecting sea turtles. The country has designated several beaches as protected areas for sea turtles to nest, and there are strict laws in place to prevent the poaching of sea turtles and their eggs.

    The role of tourists in conservation

    Tourists can also play a role in sea turtle conservation in Costa Rica. By visiting designated turtle nesting sites, tourists can support conservation efforts and learn about the importance of protecting these incredible creatures. In addition, many tour operators offer eco-friendly tours that allow visitors to participate in beach cleanups and other conservation activities.

    The role of GVI in Costa Rica

    GVI is a global organisation that partners with local communities to implement sustainable conservation projects

    In Costa Rica, GVI works with the Sea Turtle Conservancy and the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications, MINAET. Here they offer volunteer programs and internships that allow individuals to gain hands-on experience in sea turtle conservation.

    Overall, Costa Rica is a leader in sea turtle conservation. The country’s commitment to protecting these magnificent creatures is evident in the work of organisations like the Sea Turtle Conservancy and the CRSTCN, as well as the efforts of the Costa Rican government and MINAET. 

    By supporting conservation efforts and visiting designated turtle nesting sites, tourists can also play a role in protecting these incredible animals.