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Grand snorkelling in grand cenote

By 5 years ago
Categories Yucatan
The weather caught us out again forcing us to not be able to dive, this was a real shame and all of us found ourselves at a loose end as to what to do. That is, until someone had the bright idea to spend a day snorkelling in a cenote.  Having heard so many people rave about it, we decided on Grand Cenote.  None of us had been in a cenote before so we decided to take this opportunity for a day out and so after bumping down the Pez Maya road for about an hour and a half we reached the cenote.
For the equivalent of 6 pounds (no pound signs on the keyboard) we were able to experience something seriously incredible, breath taking in fact. The water was totally blue and we were allowed to duck dive as deep as we liked finding ourselves popping up in all different kinds of hollows and air bubbles in the cavern. Although there is not much life in the way of fish down there the few that we did see were unlike anything we had seen before.  They were floating around rather than swimming and let you go right up to them and nearly touch them.
You are also able to dive this cenote which we didn’t get around to.  However, speaking to people who have dived some of the others, they said cenote diving is incredible and they would definitely do it again, simply because of how incredible the light looks coming into the cave.
Since then we have been able to dive everyday and life down in Pez Maya is continuing to be relaxing, fun and just absolutely brilliant!