What Curieuse means to us

By Seychelles 4 years ago
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This is what Curieuse means to us on base.

Coco de Mer – Every Thursday we embark on a Coco de Mer hike/rock climb. Alan always packs his strange sandwich which consists of many peculiar condiments: Honey, Marmite, Nutella, Butter and peanut butter, gross. Rod always accompanies our hikes but he likes to be difficult, basically Rod is an a hole. Its hard work but we always end up having fun, especially surfing on the Coco de Mer leaves on the way down.

UV – On our weekends off, and basically any chance we get we enjoy nothing more than working on our tans. Our aim by the end of the month is to be a wonderful shade of mahogany. Cheryl is in the lead at the moment although she doesn’t sunbathe so we don’t know how she does it?!

Ranger’s station – Every city needs a Rangers station, this is where 80% of the islands tortoises reside, it’s impossible for Fabi to walk through without stopping for a tortoise selfie. Their smiley faces are so infectious, it’s impossible to leave in a bad mood. The tortoises also love the fruit from the Coco Plum trees so we always make sure to grab a handful on the way; they’re pink and look like giant bubble-gum balls. We have also been keeping a watchful eye on our favourite tortoise, number 14, who has made even more progress on his mission to make his way onto base.

Insects- Curieuse is full of curious creatures, mainly mosquitos, sand-flies and centipedes. It is therefore necessary for a member of the group to rise to the occasion and take one for the team by brutally massacring any insects in our way. This week’s trooper (and camp saviour) was Brooklyn Norton, who stepped up and sliced the centipede in half using a plastic cup as the carefully selected weapon of choice.

Ellie & Ant forever – On Thursday Ellie and Ant were on base duty and it was their responsibility to cook for all of the 15 staff and volunteers on Curieuse. For dessert, they made us a delicious orange sponge cake. Consequently, kitchen duty became the labour of love. Things were kept PG, but the bride and groom shared an intimate moment when they cut the cake. Mr and Mrs Rogers lived happily ever after. xoxo

Underwater – By Wednesday evening, kitchen supplies became very low. Alan decided it was time to take a trip to town to restock. Brooklyn, Jess, Alana and Julia accompanied him on the trip. In town we had the obligatory ice cream. Cherry was declared the tastiest flavour. On the boat ride home we spotted some flying fish in the water. One however appeared to be chasing us. Before we knew it he was in the boat with us!!!! He must have wanted to get a ride on dexter.

Salt shaker game – All you need is a jar of turmeric/salt/chilli powder/pepper (you get the picture) and a CLEAR line in the sand. The aim of the game is to stretch out past the line, salt shaker in hand to position the shaker upright as far away from the line as humanely possible.

EFR –Hello my name is Alana, I am an emergency first responder, are you okay, ARE YOU OKAY? May I help you? Wednesday was spent completing a first aid course. Although it was difficult for some of us to stay awake through the videos, we all had good fun practising bandaging each other up and giving CPR to the dummy. In the afternoon we took an exam to test our first aid knowledge. Everyone passed with flying colours but Sonja was the star pupil scoring 100%.