Battle of the Trashes - Human vs. Garbage

By Andre Hawkins 4 years ago
Categories Jalova

Close your eyes and imagine a long stretch of open beach, nothing but miles of open space. You feel the warm sand between your toes and a soft breeze in your hair. Smell the salty ocean swimming in your nose. Now replace all that with constant trash everywhere you look, ruining its beauty. That is why GVI Jalova had a Beach Cleanup today, to return the beach to its once glorious self. But why stop there, let’s make it more fun. A competition was in order. Two teams: Boys vs. Girls, battle it out to see who could collect the most trash in one hour. Oh how pumped they were to win. The girls, “Team Australia” quoted, “We are ready to bring it.” The intensity was so heated up, it lifted up the rain. Oh how Mother Nature didn’t want to ruin this epic battle of the sexes. The boys, “Team America” showed off their game faces as the countdown began. As it came to the last few seconds, the world around became quiet, not a sound was heard. Not even a Mantled Howler Monkey howled. The clock hit zero and instantly the teams ran out leaving the base in their dusts. Within seconds, teams were already filling up their trash bags with treasures beyond belief. Team Australia moved north towards mile seventeen, one of two boundaries while Team America headed towards mile eighteen, the other boundary in the competition. Thirty minutes go by and both teams are sweating. Though it was cloudy with no sunlight, they were working double time. Each team had about two bags filled already and working on the third and fourth. Some bags were so heavy that a member of each team ran back to base to grab a wheelbarrow. But let’s just say it wasn’t easy pushing it though the wet sand. By the last ten minutes, both teams raced back with their treasures all beating the time the time limit. Team America put up a good fight with two and a half bags of trash but Team Australia came in with four bags. They cheered in victory with their fists raised high and their cries echoed for miles. But in the end, all who participated are winners for helping to keep Costa Rica’s beaches clean.