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21/08/13 Gabrielle's Amazing 3 Weeks

By 5 years ago
Categories Mahe and Curieuse

These are all the amazing things I have done for the last three weeks at Cap Ternay:

  • ·       Learned how to open a coconut (even if it took me more than 30 minutes to do it)
  • ·       Saw turtles, rays but most importantly two raccoon butterfly fish with my lucky buddy
  • ·       Planned to go to Bird Island, to Secret Beach, to go night diving and having picnics on the mountain and end up at Ephelia
  • ·       Played rounders ; still don’t know the rules ; I just understand that you have to hit the ball and run
  • ·       Learnt how to make bread ; my first and only attempt did not end well since the cat ate it and I had to throw it away (probably for the best)
  • ·       NOT had a hot shower after the dives
  • ·       Unsuccessfully tried to pronounce “butter” with a proper British accent
  • ·       Said too many times “it’s ok”, “so sad”, “scootch” and “cookies”
  • ·       Ate way, way, way too much onions and smelt like onions for the whole stay

And of course met great people even if sometimes I can’t really understand what they are telling me. When it happens, I just nod and smile, hoping it will be sufficient.