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Volunteer and Intern Abroad since 1997
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Improve your Employability with GVI


Our programs and courses are focused around three core brand promises: impact, support, and career development. An experience with GVI is one that creates positive change and inspires a lifetime of deep global engagement.

With GVI, you will expand your career development through a deeper understanding of local and global issues, and through engagement with long-term sustainable projects that impact goals set in cooperation with local communities and NGOs.

International experience is one of the most important components of a 21st century resume.

Allan E. Goodman

Institute of International Education

Improve your employability on all types of programs



For over 19 years our dedicated staff has aided volunteers in working towards their personal and professional goals. Gain practical experience, find new passions, and develop your career or employability skills.




An international internship with GVI is specifically geared towards developing teamwork and leadership skills, providing you with practical experience while you contribute to key global issues across a variety of fields


Service Learning


We provide an accredited service-learning curriculum with comprehensive learning objectives so that students can gain an international outlook, intercultural fluency skills, as well as a future of engaged citizenship.

The survey shows that respondents with international experience are more likely to be employed within six months of graduation than those without, and are much more likely to have international elements to their work.


Going Global Survey 2016 - Are graduates prepared for a global workforce?

Develop a whole range of skills

Employability Skills

Training and Qualifications

Portfolio Building Opportunities


Global Citizenship

Gained through exploring and learning from a new culture


Intercultural Competency

Gained through intentional interactions with community members


Communication and Critical Thinking Skills

Gained through writing, reflection, and analysis


Flexibility and Adaptability

Gained through varied group and independent work in new and unusual environments


Patience and Independence

Gained through self-directed tasks, group work and exposure to different cultures


Collaboration and Teamwork

Gained through identifying individual and group goals


Leadership and Problem-Solving

Gained through addressing individual and group learning objectives


GVI Leadership Training Course

Additional training specifically designed by GVI to develop leadership skills


Leading Biological Surveys Course

Provides training and experience needed to start planning and running independent field surveys


PADI Training and Certification

A whole range of PADI qualifications from Open Water all the way up to IDC and MSDT


ASDAN Universities Award

The Universities Award can enhance career paths and UCAS applications.


Environmental Research Training

Telemetry & research training, wildlife identification techniques, track identification training, tropical forest ecology training, terrestrial research training


Duke of Edinburgh Award

A programme for young people aimed at personal development


Spanish Lessons

Build on your language and intercultural competency skills


An Individual Project

Interns will be assigned a specific research based project whilst in the field, which they will review with their mentor throughout the internship.


Professional Certifications

Build out your CV or resume with internationally recognized professional certificates.


Staff Mentorship

Weekly one-on-one staff mentorship sessions & evaluations with a designated project mentor



A confidential professional recommendation from GVI staff or mentors on completion of your GVI project, course or internship


LinkedIn Profile Building

Link your project with GVI’s profile, showcase the skills learnt on your online resume, and become part of the GVI Alumni pool on Linkedin


Professional Networking

Connect with local partners on the ground, communicate with and work alongside industry experts, and grow your international network.

I learnt so much about diving and marine conservation that I went on to return to GVI to teach new volunteers. I arrived as an Open Water diver and left as an Assistant Instructor nine months later. In that time not only had I become a competent leader in the water but I had also gained experiences I would have never got anywhere else. I became a new person through my experiences with GVI.

I became someone who made a difference with the conservation and teaching that I did and I try to carry on doing so as an Instructor. The nine months I spent with GVI are some of the most memorable from the friends that I have and the adventures we had. I couldn’t go back to normal life, so now I am travelling the world teaching people to dive the way I got to learn, in a relaxed environment, protecting the reef for the future.

Rachael Ross

Mexico Marine Conservation and PADI Divemaster

Employment with GVI


We believe so strongly in the training and experience that we provide on our worldwide projects, that we often hire our own Alumni, whether it’s to work in one of our remote field locations, or one of our central offices. In fact, 60% of our current staff are GVI Alumni!

In the last 19 years, we have seen many staff members start out on the ground as a volunteer, intern or National Scholar. By having a passion for our mission, and through our rigorous training, many GVI Alumni have become successful long-term staff members within the GVI family, or with partner organisations.

GVI Alumni Testimonials

I was really interested in the Healthcare project as I study a Healthcare based course at University. This internship meant I had a qualification relevant to my degree on my CV and application forms and references to follow that up.

Whilst in the project, I was determined to make sure my time at the care centre was as worthwhile as possible. I focused on improving things that can be maintained long term which made me improve a lot of my employability skills. Personally, I believe I can be a leader, but I usually need pressure put on me to take charge of a situation. With this internship, I had to become a leader as part of the assessments, so I saw a side to me which I rarely see in normal everyday life. The work I was doing to help improve the lives of the children I worked with was highlighted and assessed, which made me feel I was actually making a difference rather than just physically being there. Every day of my trip I was given help towards achieving my goals and I completed the internship with surprising ease because of the support I had.

Amy Spence

Cape Town, South Africa, Volunteer with Children

The experience I gained during my time training with GVI has allowed me to go on to work within the conservational research field. This has been a stepping stone into a career in conservation that I would not have had access to without the GVI Internship program.

Heather Gilbert

Costa Rica Conservation Internship

I owe a lot to GVI for giving me the foundation in my conservation and training career. Exposure to people from all over the world, training, mentoring and guiding many of them as a GVI staff member has helped me develop into a successful field guide and guide trainer. I also met some of my best friends through my time with GVI.

Andreas Fox

South Africa Wildlife Conservation

I had always had an interest in people and the environment, however it took me a long time to realise that this could potentially be my job. The responsibilities and trust that the staff gave me really infused a sense of achievement – In the past I had fulfilled job requirements but now the job requirements were fulfilling me.

I truly threw myself into the experience; I took every opportunity I could – even taking a Field Staff Member position which gained me a few extra responsibilities. The chance to take those extra duties, alongside my project leader Jolyon who became an influential role model, directed the path I am following today. With the confidence I gained, I am studying Environmental Science At Oxford Brookes University in hope that one day I can return once more with GVI in a more professional capacity.

I have made life-long friends, 3 years on and I still keep in contact with many people. I have watched people grow into goal achieving machines and encouraged people to also step into the unknown! It would be very hard to beat the memories I created at GVI.

Oli Barnes

Phang, Nga, Thailand, Marine Conservation