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Volunteering in Costa Rica with GVI affords you the opportunity to experience the “pura vida” lifestyle the country is famed for while simultaneously giving back to a still developing country. Although Costa Rica is the longest-standing democracy in Central America, the majority of the population is still living in very basic conditions, especially further inland. Check out more Latin America volunteer programs here!

Whether you are on an alternative springbreak program abroad, gap year, volunteering holiday or career break, you will be able to make a crucial difference in a variety of ways. Travel to either Mexico or Costa Rica where you will be able to:


Volunteer in Costa Rica in one of these two focus areas: community development or wildlife conservation.

Get involved in our community projects in Quepos where we offer volunteers a chance to teach disadvantaged children, learn a new language, relax and enjoy the casual way of life, all while making a difference in the world. It is close to the stunning and diverse Manuel Antonio National Park and is surrounded by palm plantations and rainforest.

In Jalova in the stunning Tortuguero National Park, surrounded on three sides by protected rainforest and on the other by the Caribbean Sea and a beach that is home to one of the largest nesting colonies of Green Turtles in the world, is where you will find our conservation base. Our work here is focused around the long-term management and conservation of this stunning rainforest.



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