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Climate change

According to NASA, 2020 was the hottest year on record. It’s imperative that businesses and governments work together with the support of individuals to quickly and effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition, natural environments that have been damaged by a warming world need to be protected and restored. Many of these environments also help to prevent global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide. Environments such as soil, oceans, and forests, and species such as corals and mangroves, are especially key.

Furthermore, it’s important to support communities that are vulnerable to the sudden, dramatic changes caused by the climate crisis, such as those with low incomes who live near the rising ocean or who already live in extreme climates.

We work with local organisations to restore and protect key environments and assist vulnerable communities with increasing their access to a range of empowering services.

Our Current Initiatives

  • Mangrove planting in Thailand in collaboration with Khao Lampi–Hat Thai Mueang National Park

  • Beach erosion surveys in collaboration with Seychelles in the Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA)

  • Coastal dune restoration in Mexico in partnership with local community organisations

  • Soil rehabilitation in South Africa in collaboration with Karongwe private wildlife and nature reserve

  • Coral reef surveys and coral farming in Seychelles in collaboration with SNPA

  • Crown-of-thorns starfish removal in Fiji in collaboration with the Fiji Locally-Managed Marine Area (FLMMA) network


Mangroves were planted as part of coastal restoration and rehabilitation in 2018


Participants engaged in coral reef restoration initiatives in 2018


Community members upskilled in marine life monitoring techniques in 2018

Where you can contribute

Earn your PADI Open Water and volunteer to conserve the Belize Barrier Reef.
Earn your PADI Divemaster while experiencing the very best dives the Caribbean has to offer.
Learn about rainforest conservation in this biodiversity hotspot.
Kickstart your career in conservation by spending three months gaining work experience in a lush Costa Rica rainforest.
Earn your PADI Coral Reef Researcher Distinctive Speciality and gain work experience in marine conservation
Contribute to preserving the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest coral reef in the world
Kickstart your wildlife conservation research career in the Peruvian Amazon.