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My GVI experience so far

By Jonah Klaus 3 years ago
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Hike on Copolia

Hike on Copolia

It’s Monday and the second day of my sixth week. Last week two new volunteers arrived and we said goodbye to eight volunteers who finished their time here. I got to know those people five weeks ago and those five weeks passed by incredible fast. But at the same time I feel like I’ve lived here all along and known them for years. But what happened in my first five weeks? The first week was the most busy by far. We got our health and safety instructions, we finished our advanced open water diver, we started our EFR course, we got our first fish-workshops or started to learn invertebrates and as soon as we finished our AOWD we had or first inverts- or fish-spots. At the same time we got to know each other and the place we would live for the next one to three months. On the weekend we started to explore the base and the island. The next week started with wake up at 08:00 and only two dives that day. This was a welcome opportunity to rest another day and to study for our spots. The following days and weeks are pretty much the same. The wake up time varies; it could be a two-, three- or four-dive-day and sometimes there is a presentation or a nature/low tide/high tide/mangrove/night walk. But doesn`t it get boring if every day is pretty much the same? No! Every dive is different and you get to learn new stuff every day. You look forward to to chilling with the volunteers who are on base while waiting for dives; or you just lay down in the hammock and read a book. And now I am in my sixth week; Less then three more weeks to go! The new volunteers just finished their first and hardest week. We have two dives today, fish-spots and coral surveys and later today we are going to have a presentation. It`s just another day in paradise.